CBBH Photo Challenge: Same Subject, Different Time

The Bridge of Sighs in Venice is a place where I have taken many pictures over the years.  Here are some of those photos from different visits and various times of the day.

VeniceVeniceRenovation… :

VeniceAnd here is one from the other side of the bridge:


The two blogs I would like to recommend this month are:  Just Add Attitude and wordsfromanneli.

Quiet Places in Venice

Large crowds are to be expected in Venice.  St. Mark’s Square is full of people taking pictures, waiting in various lines, shopping and sitting at tables eating a meal.  There are pigeons too.  But it’s really simple to escape the crowds and discover interesting places that are worth finding.  When I walk near the water a gondola or small boat might drift by, which makes the scene even more memorable.



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