Travel theme: Glass

The last time I was in Venice I decided to take a walk that first evening.  Since window shopping is so enjoyable (at least to me), I thought it might be interesting to see the shops at night and then plan to go back the next day.  There were many glass objects on display and everything sparkled under the lights.  Here are some pictures for this week’s travel theme of glass.

My Favorite Travel Collections

When I travel I know there’s a limited amount of space for bringing home keepsakes.  Whatever fits into a suitcase beyond what I brought with me is what I have to work with.  Oh, and my oversized purse and a tote bag.  And other bags from things I bought at the airport.  So there are lots of opportunities to bring home souvenirs and other important items such as chocolate.  But I already know that chocolate won’t make it through the plane trip, much less all the way home.


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The Jade Market in Taipei

While visiting Taipei, Taiwan, I went to the Jade Market with a local guide.  The market is located across from a flower market and below an overpass, which keeps it protected from changes in the weather.   Within the market there is booth after booth and row after row of treasures for anyone with a sense of adventure (or an adventurous bargain hunter).  Some vendors have their items stacked neatly in rows, and others have piles of jewelry ready to be pawed through. Take your pick!

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Getting Lost in Venice

It’s true that Venice is captivating and photogenic.  I also manage to get lost when I’m there.  Typically I am trying to get from Piazza San Marco to Rialto Bridge for some serious, shop-till-you-drop shopping.  And every time (well, three times) I have gotten lost.  As for following the directional signs on buildings along the way, well…

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