Souvenirs from France

I’m getting ready to go to France next month and I decided to look through some of my souvenirs from earlier visits there.  When I go this time I’ll mainly be in Provence which will be new to me.   My idea of souvenirs include postcards, maps and museum guides.  In addition I have quite a collection of scarves and purses (among other things) from France that I still have at home.  But I also consider photographs to be souvenirs because they are special to me and have wonderful memories.  These are some of my keepsakes from France.

Here I’ve included a few pictures I took in Paris that are my idea of postcards.  They are now among my favorite souvenirs.

This is from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.


A street sign.


And here is a landmark that needs no caption.


The Souvenir Drawer

I have at least one drawer at home that’s filled with travel souvenirs.  There are postcards, maps, museum floor plans, and pamphlets that I’ve brought back from trips.  I always bring more of these things home than I realize, and when I had a quick look recently there were postcards from (among other places) Seattle, Paris, and Brussels stacked together.  I started to review to see if there was anything that could be thrown away.  Since this would be difficult I sorted things by country.  At least that way if there were duplicates I could keep the one in better condition.

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