January Dreams

The new year is just beginning but I’m already looking forward to spring so I can see scenes like this again.

I can’t wait!

A Market in Barcelona

I had heard of La Boqueria before going to Barcelona so I noticed the entrance sign while walking along La Rambla.  There were people everywhere buying – and selling – vegetables, fruit, candy, and other interesting items.  The next afternoon I went there again and when it was time to close vendors began reducing the prices.  I ended up with a coconut drink (like a smoothie) and a container of watermelon with a tiny fork for half the regular price.  I continued to look around and these were some of the colorful sights.



Scenes from Verona

It was during the spring that I had the opportunity to travel to Verona.  From an arena to an outdoor market there are lots of interesting places.  In addition there is the possibility of leaving a letter for Juliet that just might get a response.  And of course visiting her balcony is a must. These are some of my favorite scenes from Verona.

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A Food Break in Italy

While I was in Italy there were times I was looking for a light lunch or a snack that didn’t include chocolate or gelato.  This was only because I would eat the gelato or chocolate immediately, and the idea was to have something (like crackers) that would last longer!  Here are some examples of things I found in Italy that provided a little break from walking and sightseeing.


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