A Beach Weekend

After spending a weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I can still remember the first view of the ocean and hearing the sound of the waves.   Add a bright blue sky and a light breeze and it was just about perfect.  As I walked toward the beach I saw seagulls, sand dunes and people walking their dogs.  This was a great start to the weekend.

Myrtle Beach

But on Saturday the weather changed and it was gray and rainy most of the day.  I didn’t mind because it gave the beach a dreamy appearance.  I decided to spend time looking for seashells as souvenirs.  I also went to a nearby public sculpture garden to see some beautiful flowers and scenery.

Late Saturday afternoon the rain stopped and it was time to enjoy another view of the sand, water and the sky.

Myrtle Beach

This was a weekend of interesting contrasts.

Travel theme: Fragrant

My family used to take weekend trips to the beach when I was growing up.  Whenever we got close to the water we would roll down the car windows to be able to catch the fragrance of the ocean even before we could see it.  This was one of my favorite childhood memories.  These pictures from the coast of Maine remind me of the excitement of that first scent of the ocean.

Greetings from Maine

After my trip I decided that July is a great time to visit Maine.  While I was there it was hot during the day but in the evening a breeze from the ocean made it much cooler.  Lots of people were at the beach and there was plenty of room for everyone’s chairs, blankets and umbrellas (at least before high tide).  I heard people say that the water was slightly warmer than usual.  During the afternoon when the sun was so bright I visited the local lighthouse and then went into town to shop and stay indoors for a while.  Here are some of the places I saw.


An early bird at sunrise.

MaineThe start of a new day.

Travel theme: Tilted

I’ve been enjoying my time at the beach in Maine.  I happened to notice a sign for ice cream when I was on an evening walk.  This is a treat I always enjoy so I stopped for a small (or it might have been a medium) cone.


As I continued to walk I saw a street sign that was also tilted.  I liked the name and thought it was just right for the area.


When I looked beyond the street there was the ocean.  It is quite a pleasant view at sunset, especially when you’re eating ice cream.