Travel theme: Outdoors

One of the most interesting places that I’ve spent time outdoors is Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  When I was there it was a lovely day in May and warm enough not to need a jacket.  Gatlinburg is a great place for walking and some of the things I remember seeing include a bridge, a bench, and flowers, both in a garden and in the mountains.  Speaking of mountains I went on a gondola ride for a panoramic view of the area.  This was a time when being outside was a wonderful experience and it also reminds me why I like spring so much!




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In Search of Autumn Leaves

The leaves are just starting to change color in Virginia and this is happening later than I’ve been used to.  Typically by this time the leaves have mostly fallen so I’m really enjoying the change.  Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that just one tree will have a few leaves that are yellow, orange or red.  Everything else is still green.

However it now looks like autumn colors have finally arrived!  It is interesting to see the colors changing and I drove to an orchard in the mountains to pick apples and enjoy some fresh cider, as well as admire the season’s colors.


Autumn has arrived.


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Travel theme: Simplify

This is a very appealing theme and for me the idea of travel can be as simple as going someplace that you’ve always wanted to see.  Whether it is traveling to a place that you’ve read about all your life or taking the opportunity to go somewhere new, both can be equally compelling.  Tuscany was a place that I had wanted to visit and when I was actually there it was an unforgettable experience.  Even now when I look at this particular picture I can recall the excitement of simply being there.


The view through this doorway is one to remember…


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