More about Souvenirs

I’ve been thinking about souvenirs and how to stop bringing so many back from trips. I have decided that the following are even better than souvenirs because they don’t last (at least for me) and therefore won’t require packing!


Fruit from markets:

And of course gelato!

Things I Might Forget to Pack

I just got out a suitcase for a trip to Maine.  Since it is only for one week it should be simple to pack.  But the suitcase is empty and I’m staring at it and wondering what to bring.  I think I might want to bring a jacket because I’ll be at the beach and it could cool off in the evening.  A sweater could also work.  Maybe both?


The one thing I try to remember is that I can always buy anything I forget later.  Because of that I now have a tube of toothpaste from Italy, a comb from Prague, and pads of paper from France.  These are different from my usual souvenirs (refrigerator magnets and postcards).  I don’t bring food or sweets because I know I’ll get them wherever I’m going.  I look forward to finding chocolate, gelato and other treats while I travel.  They never make it home either.

So now I’ll start packing and if I forget something I’ll just have to buy it later.


Italy Time

After many months of planning and preparation, it’s just about time to go to Italy.  So now I’m going to start packing.  Let’s see:  I need to leave room in the suitcase for souvenirs such as scarves, Venetian glass jewelry and chocolate.  Well, never mind the chocolate.  It rarely makes it home.

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