At the Park

This past weekend I visited a park on a perfect spring day.  I followed some tree-lined paths where I saw flowering dogwoods as well as fresh new leaves on the trees.  There were lots of other people out walking as well as families enjoying picnics in shady areas.  I even discovered a waterfall along the way.  It was delightful to simply follow a trail and admire the sights.

At the park

It’s really spring!



A Park in Barcelona

I just got back from my trip to Spain and France!  I thought I would begin by showing some of the beautiful tiles from Park Güell in Barcelona.  It was a challenge getting there because it involved a walk up a steep hill that took me a while to complete.  The park was delightful and quite spacious so it didn’t seem too crowded.  There were also plenty of benches so it was possible to find a place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.  The tiles were both original and colorful and the park was a cheerful place on a sunny afternoon.