Renewing a Passport

Next month it will be time to renew my passport.  It’s a little worn now with lots of interesting stamps and memories, including a stamp from my very first visit to Italy.  On the back cover are colorful stickers that have accumulated over the years.  When I started traveling with this passport I didn’t take many photos.  I was too busy looking around and trying to remember everything that I saw.  Because of this I have very few pictures from early trips.  Then there was the time that I forgot to bring my camera to the Grand Place in Brussels. I had to buy a disposable camera and to my disappointment the pictures were blurry.  I’ll have to go there again so I can get better photographs!

It’s wonderful to have done so much traveling over the past few years.  Here are some of my favorite memories of trips where I took many, many pictures.

Now that it’s time for a new passport I’m definitely planning on more traveling, and some trips will be local since I’m living in a different place (Virginia).  I’m looking forward to more adventures and to start getting stamps in my new passport!

Paris 101

A trip to France seemed inevitable from the time I started learning French in elementary school.  My teacher, Mme. Oiseau, was from France and we sang a lot of nursery rhymes and rounds that year.  “Sur le pont d’ Avignon…”   Did I know what the words meant?  Yes, believe it or not.  As the years went on, I learned other useful information such as a verb tense that is only used in writing.  Such was my classroom experience.

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