Saving For a Trip

Here’s something I do to save money for trips that started when I brought some coin banks home from a visit to England.  These little banks were originally containers for caramels and shortbread that came in the shapes of double-decker buses and post boxes.  Once the treats were gone, I made a display of them at home.  But then I thought:  why not use them to save money?  I started using one of them to keep the extra coins I’d brought home from England.  I reasoned this would give me some starter money to use on my next trip there.

An opportunity to buy a piggy bank happened when I was in Switzerland.  I saw a really cheerful one and thought I could use it for the Swiss francs I didn’t spend.  At this point I decided to build a collection of banks.  And I might mention that they also make nice souvenirs!

So now I fill them with extra coins I’m saving toward future trips (this includes shopping trips).  It works well for me.