Flowers are Everywhere

I am happy to say that I’ve seen lots of flowers this year and they are a welcome sight.  It started in January when I was in Seattle.  Although it was winter there were buckets of flowers at Pike Place Market.  In late April I took a walk in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in time to see some dainty wildflowers growing along the trail.  Next I saw cheerful flowers in Barcelona followed by late spring blooms in Paris.  And just recently I was in Maine.  Even though flowers differ by season and climate they are always beautiful.

A colorful flower display in Maine:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

My recent visit to Pike Place Market in Seattle provided a great opportunity to see lots of different colors.  Fresh fruits and vegetables were a welcome sight during a long winter.  Here are some of the colors of the market displays.

For a contrast, I took two pictures of the same scene – one in black and white and one in color.

Pike Place MarketPike Place Market

A Visit to Pike Place Market

There may still be snow on the ground but spring will arrive next month.  So although it is winter, warmer weather is on the way.   Here are some pictures that I took of flowers, fruits and vegetables from Pike Place Market in Seattle when I visited there recently.  It was wonderful to see these bright colors!


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Scenes from Seattle

When I was in Seattle I thought that Pike Place Market was a good starting point for walking around the city.  While I was there I was able to see a lot of local places within a few blocks.  I had a map that made it simple to get around.  Because it either rained or was overcast during the time I was there I decided to take black and white pictures to show the city in a slightly different way.  Seattle

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Around Seattle


I just got back from Seattle.  I was prepared for rainy weather which was good because it rained every day I was there!  I brought an umbrella that managed to catch a gust of wind and turn inside out the first time I used it.  But before looking for another one to replace it I noticed a container of umbrellas in the lobby of my hotel.  After finding out they could be borrowed I used one every day and stayed nice and dry.


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