Checklist for France


I’ll be traveling to France in late May so it is time for planning and research.  I have a stack of books from the library and I’m looking at travel websites.  Although I have been to Paris and northwest France, this will be my first visit to Provence and I’m really looking forward to going there.  I’ll be in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence and I know there’s a lot to see.  After that I’ll go to Paris by train.  As I prepare for this trip I’m making a travel list which includes the following: Continue reading

A Travel List

I spend quite a bit of time traveling during the year, and when I’m at home I like to think about places to go next.  Besides planning for specific trips I make lists of important things to keep in mind.  These are the some of the considerations.

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The Planning Begins Again

I don’t think it’s ever too early to plan for a trip.  There are so many ways to get information that it’s easy to do research and discover places to visit in the future.  Even the idea of going on a trip is so exciting that it’s a nice way to pass the time.  I’m thinking about another trip to Italy.  And now that I know there’s delicious gelato throughout the country, I can concentrate on what I’d like to see.  This time I’m going to consider some different places.


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Planning 101

Well, I’ve just made a reservation for a trip to Italy this spring.  Now that the excitement of knowing that I’m going there has settled, it’s time to start the planning process.  This will involve some research so I can get the information I need before I start the trip.

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