Travel theme: Arches

These pictures of arches are from around the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.  The actual reason that I took some of them was to remind me of which way I entered the plaza so that I wouldn’t get lost!  Many times when I travel I become so interested in seeing everything that I forget to notice which way I walked to get there.  To keep from getting lost I’ll take pictures of street corners, pedestrian signs and unique buildings or landmarks so I can retrace my steps later.  It works quite well and I end up with some interesting pictures of subjects other than the expected ones.  I also took some of these pictures simply because I liked them and they are not just reminders of where I had walked.

This is one of my souvenir pictures from Madrid.



You can find more arches here.

Signs to Follow in Madrid

I like to take pictures of signs wherever I go.  Sometimes I use them as a way to retrace my steps so I won’t get lost.  Other times they are charming or unique.  I must have been hungry when I took these pictures because there are several food signs.  I was trying to decide between lunch or dessert.  That’s when I saw the sign for a gelato shop.

There are signs on this building too.