Reflections on a Spring Walk

Now that the weather has become so pleasant I’ve started to go on walks to see the colors of the fresh new leaves on the trees and shrubs.  Here I stood near a pond that provided reflections of the trees in the water.


The colors are very noticeable when you see these reflections.


With the fresh air, sunshine and the gentle sound of the water it looks like a good time for a nap.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

It was an afternoon in May when I was taking a walk where I saw the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.  The weather was changing from rain to sunshine and some blue sky was beginning to show.  I noticed a glass domed metro entrance and these reflections.  This is what I saw.

MadridYou can see more reflections here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I was in Spain this spring and while walking across the Puerta del Sol in Madrid I passed a metro entrance covered by a glass dome.  There were reflections of the surrounding buildings that I really liked.  Although it looks stormy the clouds were actually thinning out and blue sky was visible.


Later I noticed that my red camera is in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. Although it was unexpected I think that it makes a nice souvenir showing I was really there!

CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflection

In December I was in Chicago to enjoy the holiday season.  As I strolled around an outdoor Christmas market there was an interesting reflection on one of the buildings.  It looked like this:


The two blogs I’d like to recommend are Elisa Ruland and Sharing My Italy…The Blog.  You’ll really enjoy them!