The Day I Dropped My New Camera

It was a pleasant spring day in the Brittany region of France.  I strolled along taking pictures of the buildings, which were very appealing.  I had a new camera I’d bought only two weeks before the trip so I could take crisp, clear pictures.  I’d get the camera out of its case, take pictures and carefully put it back in the case.  As I looked around I saw a carousel.  I’d noticed carousels in other towns and villages but hadn’t taken any pictures of them.   This seemed like the perfect opportunity so I pulled the camera out of its case.  And then it happened.  The camera dropped out of my hand and landed on the cobblestone street.  It didn’t just hit the ground – it bounced several times as I stood there unable to keep it from happening.

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December Day in Chicago

December in Chicago is festive, with lots of beautiful lights and decorations around the city.  It is also cold!  So bundle up or wear several layers, add a hat and muffler, and have a look around.  Perhaps you won’t be as stylish as you normally are, but it’s good to be outdoors to see everything, and it’s more comfortable to do that if you aren’t freezing!

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Handy Travel Tips

  • Expect to do a lot of walking while on a trip.  You will not find ramps, people movers, elevators, or escalators in 500 plus year old castles.
  • Don’t expect lots of ice in your drinks.  You may not get any ice unless you ask.  For example:  once I did ask, the waiter used tongs to put one ice cube in my drink.

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A View of Florence

A group was gathering at noon for a tour of the Piazza della Signoria in Florence.  The guide was a no-nonsense Italian woman.  We were given precise instructions not to make any noise and to listen to her.  And then we were off.  Soon our group was receiving an in-depth analysis of one of the more famous sculptures prominently featured there.  Still, I didn’t feel inclined to take lots of pictures when I could buy a glossy postcard instead. Continue reading