Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

For me the opportunity to travel is very special.  While traveling I look forward to each new day and wonder what interesting things will happen that could become treasured memories in the future.  A sunrise like this provides a glimpse of the day ahead.

There are more treasures here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

One of the best parts about a beach vacation in Maine means the opportunity to see the sunrise.  I decided to do this and I actually was awake and outdoors early enough to see it two days in a row.  It looked completely different each day and yet I couldn’t say which one I liked better.  This is the kind of research I enjoy and I’ll have to repeat it next summer!

First morning with a person walking the dog:


Second morning with clouds:


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Greetings from Maine

After my trip I decided that July is a great time to visit Maine.  While I was there it was hot during the day but in the evening a breeze from the ocean made it much cooler.  Lots of people were at the beach and there was plenty of room for everyone’s chairs, blankets and umbrellas (at least before high tide).  I heard people say that the water was slightly warmer than usual.  During the afternoon when the sun was so bright I visited the local lighthouse and then went into town to shop and stay indoors for a while.  Here are some of the places I saw.


An early bird at sunrise.

MaineThe start of a new day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Last month I visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Early one morning I noticed that mist was swirling around the mountains and then a few minutes later it had changed.  Here is some of what I saw of the fleeting appearance of the mist from the mountains.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

I’ve been in Florida the past few days and I’m taking pictures on my smartphone that are meant to be used as wallpaper.  These photos are souvenirs of my trip that I’ll enjoy in the future  (especially during the winter)!   I really didn’t have any plans to share them.  But with this week’s photo challenge in mind, here is one of the souvenir photos taken with my phone.

Sunrise in St. Petersburg, Florida: