Travel theme: Simplify

This is a very appealing theme and for me the idea of travel can be as simple as going someplace that you’ve always wanted to see.  Whether it is traveling to a place that you’ve read about all your life or taking the opportunity to go somewhere new, both can be equally compelling.  Tuscany was a place that I had wanted to visit and when I was actually there it was an unforgettable experience.  Even now when I look at this particular picture I can recall the excitement of simply being there.


The view through this doorway is one to remember…


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Travel theme: Unexpected

When I was in Florence, Italy I wanted to see the most famous places and sights of the city.  As I went from one landmark to another I walked through residential areas.  When I looked around I noticed something that I didn’t expect to see.  I usually think of shutters as decorative, but here they were both opened and closed and it looked like they were quite versatile.


Later that day I saw this building and thought that the pattern of the shutters was eye-catching.


These pictures are among my souvenirs of Italy and just as meaningful to me as this photograph I took in Florence.

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Gelato and Travel

I’ve been thinking about souvenirs lately.  But some things don’t last and are not actual souvenirs unless I’ve taken a picture.  This would include gelato.  Chocolate is another thing that doesn’t last but I can only consider one irresistible treat at a time.


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A Travel List

I spend quite a bit of time traveling during the year, and when I’m at home I like to think about places to go next.  Besides planning for specific trips I make lists of important things to keep in mind.  These are the some of the considerations.

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A View of San Gimignano

It happened to rain on the day I visited San Gimignano in Tuscany.  Since this is always a possibility on a trip, I came to Italy prepared for any kind of weather.  So I wore a poncho and carried an umbrella.  Since it wasn’t windy, the umbrella didn’t blow inside out!  When I wanted to take a picture I stood under an awning or near a building entrance.  I thought the town looked pretty in the rain and I accepted it as something that happens when you travel. Continue reading