Winter to Spring

There have been some interesting variations in the weather this January.  First it was cold and snowy, then it got warm and over the weekend there was a tornado warning.  Now it’s cold again and it might snow in a few days. After all this I’m hoping for an early spring!  I’m going to Florida (Orlando) in a few days and it will definitely be warmer than it is here. I’ve checked the extended weather forecast and it should be warm and sunny while I’m there.  I’m looking forward to seeing some flowers too.  They are always so cheerful and provide a hopeful reminder that spring will be returning, and the sooner the better!

What it looked like last week with snow:

January snow

Flowers that will (hopefully) be here soon…

When It Was Cloudy

One afternoon in Cornwall it was very cloudy and looked like it might rain.  I thought it was a good opportunity to take some pictures in black and white.  I’ll always remember how lovely everything looked even under gray skies.

After a few hours it became much lighter.


Maybe later there would be a glimpse of blue sky…