Windows and Balconies

I like looking up to see windows and balconies when I’m in Italy, and this last trip was no exception.  Where there are windows there are usually shutters, which I find interesting because they might be open, closed or partially raised.  Balconies often have colorful flower arrangements as well as laundry cheerfully hanging from the railings or attached clotheslines.  In other words, there is a lot to see when you look at windows and balconies!

This picture has many of my favorite elements:  windows, balconies, shutters, flowers and laundry.  Adding to the scene that afternoon was the bright blue sky.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

One time when I was in Venice I had a room with a view of the Grand Canal.  When I opened the window there was this peaceful scene of parked gondolas and pedestrian traffic.  It was a nice time to be in Venice.

I’ve just completed my move as I mentioned in my last post.  There should be more adventures ahead!

CBBH Photo Challenge: Framed

When I was in Assisi, Italy I found many examples of scenes that were framed by arches or windows.  Here are some of the places I admired the most.



And now here are my recommendations for two wonderful travel blogs:   A Lifetime’s Exploration and traveldestinationbucketlist.  I’m sure you will enjoy them.  Until next month!

Travel theme: Glass

The last time I was in Venice I decided to take a walk that first evening.  Since window shopping is so enjoyable (at least to me), I thought it might be interesting to see the shops at night and then plan to go back the next day.  There were many glass objects on display and everything sparkled under the lights.  Here are some pictures for this week’s travel theme of glass.

CBBH Photo Challenge: WINDOWS

The last time I was in France I went to Giverny to see Claude Monet’s exquisite gardens.  The house where Monet lived has lots of windows that overlook the gardens.  I thought these windows would fit this month’s challenge.   To learn more about the photo challenge visit East of Málaga.

The windows:

The view from the windows:

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