The Idea of Travel

I’ve been reading about how money spent on positive experiences is well spent.  I agree, particularly when it comes to the experiences that occur while traveling.  For me, the fun begins with planning on where to go on a trip.  Even doing research about different destinations is exciting.  You get to imagine what it would be like to visit that place.

Next, you check for airlines that go to that city, that country, that place.  What is a good time of year to visit?  I really like traveling in May and September, months where the weather is usually good, not quite as hot, and possibly less crowded because the children are back in school and people are traveling less.  However this isn’t always true because there are plenty of people who have figured out that people travel less in the shoulder season and are out in force.

I think packing for a trip is always challenging, because you can’t be sure what the weather will be like.  But not to worry, you can always shop for what you might need or may have forgotten.  This also provides a guilt-free reason for an unplanned shopping expedition.

It usually rains a little when I’m on a trip, but you have to take it in stride because who can control the weather?  This much is true:  when the sun does come out, I am so appreciative that I enjoy the trip even more.  I think that the best weather is when you start the day with a light jacket or sweater, and later you can take it off and still be comfortable.  And if it gets warm, what better way to cool down than with a double scoop of gelato?  (At least one.)

Speaking of food, I really prefer to stop at an outdoor food vendor and then walk around with the food, or even sit outdoors and people watch.  At this point I just can’t really tell where anyone is from until I can hear them speak.  It’s a lot of fun guessing, though.

So when you’re ready board the plane for your destination, the anticipation of the trip becomes reality.  Now you want to remember how it feels to walk down the jet bridge to the plane, find your seat, look around at your “home” for the next seven/eight/whatever hours, and the adventure begins.

16 thoughts on “The Idea of Travel

  1. I agree -I love the planning, learning about the place beforehand – never want to come back and say, “I didn’t know that was there!”, love the anticipation, the doing, and the memories. We travel with my sister and her husband and so after returning home we have the luxury of talking over all the wonderful places and things we did without boring anyone else to tears.


  2. Lovely blog! I love travelling and cant way to leave school and get out of England! I know what you mean about researching places and finding out all the things to do- it makes you yearn for the places and travel even more! I cant wait to get round to reading about all your travels! Im basically going to vicariously live through you! thanks!


  3. I agree that planning is definitely a large part of the enjoyment of travel. As you say, thinking about where you’re going and imagining what it will be like helps you to get excited about going there. I think it also helps you to settle in more quickly when you get there, because you’re a bit prepared, and the more quickly you settle in, the more relaxed you are and able to enjoy the experience. Have I ever told you that I love your blog? Well, I do.


    • You make really great points about the advantages of doing some planning! It can help make the actual trip smoother and more enjoyable. And thank you – that means a lot! I always look forward to reading about your latest excursion and imagine that I’m in Scotland (until I actually get there)… :)


  4. I agree, my favourite thing to do when arriving in a new city is to grab some of the local food then parking my bum somewhere for some serious people watching. Its a great way to get a feel for the place.
    Love you’re blog!


  5. I agree with you that it all started with planning and then looking for the best route, the cheapest airline etc. Packing is the biggest challenge, as it’s another planning by its own right. You need to think of what kind of clothes you need to take, how many of them etc, as us girls like to travel in style… :)


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