August in Edinburgh

When I was in Edinburgh last August I attended the Military Tattoo.  During the day the weather was warm, and I thought my summer outfit (short-sleeved shirt, long slacks and sandals) would be fine.  Let’s just say that I seriously miscalculated the weather.

When it was time for the event, people were coming into the stadium to get their seats.  I started to feel a little chill and I wondered if it might get cooler during the event.  Then I noticed people seated around me wearing overcoats, sweaters, even hats.  I was thinking, “Why are they wearing such heavy clothes in the summer?”  Just about then it started to rain.  Since you can’t use umbrellas during the program, I started getting wet.

Someone in a nearby seat seemed to feel sorry for the drenched stranger (me) and loaned me a plastic poncho, which I gratefully put on.  However, I now had my damp clothes sealed in.  Still, I was grateful for the help and it was just in time for the show to begin.

I thought the program was hugely entertaining and the performers were from all over the world.  However, I was also cold, damp, and feeling a little bewildered that somehow I should have known to pack a winter coat in my suitcase in August!

On the positive side, this provided the perfect excuse to do some shopping for wool cable sweaters and a tartan cape in the local shops.  Sadly, I don’t have a plaid in my family so I just picked one that I thought was pretty. I speculated on the probability of being adopted into a Scottish family (as an aunt?)  But in the end, I had the satisfaction of knowing that after this shopping trip, I would be ready for any change in the weather.

12 thoughts on “August in Edinburgh

  1. Hi, Meg! It is Rachael! What a delightful post, even though you were dampened from the event. I LOVE Edinburgh, and I got misty seeing your pictures of the castle and reading your post. :)


  2. I laughed when I read how the rain drove you into the shops to buy winter warmers. I was in Edinburgh at the end of Sep 2010 and the same thing happened to me. Every time I got caught in the rain and went and bought a new cashmere sweater or scarf that I didn’t need.

    Excellent post!


    • I totally understand that you needed to buy lots of cashmere sweaters. It was for warmth! I could barely get my suitcase shut after my trip to Edinburgh. It was also full of necessary purchases like Shetland wool sweaters, tams, mufflers (in various plaids), and a small blanket. And this was in the summer! Oh well, it was worth it :)


  3. I love Edinburgh, my family are from there, I also recall watching the Military Tattoo (when I was a youngster) and getting VERY cold. Thankfully on that occasion it didn’t rain. It’s just as well Edinburgh has so much history to explore, it helps to take your mind off the weather!


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