Souvenir Bookmarks

I like to bring back souvenirs from my trips.  With this goal always in mind, I’ve started collecting bookmarks.  Some of the advantages of bookmarks are that they’re small, usually made of paper, and they weigh practically nothing.  And since I like to read books, these become souvenirs that I actually use.  This keeps them from ending up forgotten (well, semi-forgotten) in a shoebox.

Some of the bookmarks that I’ve collected are from places where souvenirs are sold.  Others were displayed with pamphlets and area maps (the kind with advertising on them).  The latter type of bookmark comes in handy while I’m visiting a place because it will have a telephone number, street address and website information on it.  And later on, it makes a fine souvenir.

When I visited Orléans, France last spring, I found a bookmark featuring Joan of Arc.  Now this was something that made a great souvenir! In fact I’m using it now, so I get to remember being in France every time I pick up the book I’m reading.  And for me that’s the point of a souvenir.  I would say this bookmark is just right.

Here’s a few more…

30 thoughts on “Souvenir Bookmarks

  1. These bookmarks are great. I used to collect T shirts until my drawer got too full. Then I went to magnets, but my refrigerator got full. Now I usually stick with photos.


    • You just brought up another good reason to collect little souvenirs with addresses on them. It helps you remember a place in case you want to return there later! Thanks for mentioning it :)


  2. The last souvenir I bought was a stuffed tiger. He was only about twelve inches long, but he was impossible to get into my fully packed suitcase. I ended up strapping him to the top of my carry-on. A bookmark would have been so much better.


  3. That sounds very organised, I usually come back with loads of business cards and receipts from restaurants, attraction tickets, brochures and the like, which I use for reference when writing stuff up. Then I stuff them in a box file, just in case I need them again later (ahem).


  4. I also love to buy bookmarks from places. My problem is that I put them in a book and sometimes forget which book. But I eventually find then and remember the trip.


  5. I usually collect post cards that I like from the different places that I go and use them as book marks! I suppose I should just start collecting bookmarks… Nice idea.
    Laura V.


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