A Rhine River Boat Ride

My trip to Germany involved getting from place to place by train.  One time I went from Frankfurt to Cologne, and then to Koblenz.  It was a pleasant walk from the train station to the Rhine River for a boat ride.  I was really looking forward to seeing lots of castles.  What I didn’t expect were some of the other sights, such as terraced hillsides and small, quaint towns along the river.

I admired the castles as the boat meandered down the river.   I could forget that although the castles are charming to look at, they were mainly used for defensive purposes.

The boat was a nice place to relax and enjoy the views of the river.  I tended to stay on the upper deck so I could take pictures as we went along.  Every time I’d think to myself, “I have more than enough photos of castles,” we would go around another bend and there would be a castle that was even more imposing than the ones I’d already seen (and photographed)!

One of the most comfortable features of the boat was that you could get things to eat and drink at a food counter, then sit at a table and enjoy the view.  One other unexpected thing was that music by the Carpenters was playing in the background!  It was a good choice, blending in well with the beautiful scenery passing by.

Several hours later, the boat stopped in Bingen, where there was a train to Mainz, followed by another one to Frankfurt.  The train connections were so smooth, I was back in Frankfurt faster than I would have expected.  But now as I look through my pictures, I know that I really was on a leisurely boat ride admiring castles on the Rhine River.

60 thoughts on “A Rhine River Boat Ride

  1. I would love to tour those castles. On the photo 3rd from the bottom, were those vineyards? I was rather surprised to see the rows running vertically instead of horizon… I would think that erosion would be an issue… just sort of curious as to what that crop was.


  2. A boat trip down the Rhine sounds very pleasant and relaxing. You get such a different view of things from a river, and with all those castles there seems to be a lot to keep you interested. I would also take far too many pictures of them.


  3. I love train travel – I think it’s a great way to get around. Your trip on the boat down the river sounds excellent. There are so many different types of castles my favourite is the white one (second last image) at the river’s edge.


  4. Hi,
    I love castles, whenever I see a photo of an castle I wonder what it is like, and I just want to go and explore, and walk around inside, and check out every corner of it. :D

    Very nice photos, looks like a lovely boat ride to take, beautiful scenery.


  5. My husband & I are doing a Danube River Cruise in September and I can’t wait. Something I have wanted to do for a long time. Hope we enjoy it as much as you did. The pictures are amazing!


  6. Wow, I’ve seen the travel shows on tv about that area but your pictures are magnificent compared to an arial view you get from the travel logs-thanks for sharing-it is breathtaking and must have been a true adventure


    • Thank you Sharon! It was definitely an adventure to remember. I tried (somewhat successfully) to balance taking pictures with putting the camera away and just taking in the view… :)


  7. What an interesting mode of travel, Meg. I love all the castles. Thanks for the reminder that they were primarily bastions of defense. Of course I knew that, but I had practically forgotten that…I just stand in awe of the architecture and admire the fact that they’ve survived time and wars and the elements! Great photos, and I’m sure, an amazing time of travel! Debra


  8. This must have been a magnificent trip to have been on. I especially love the castles. I can only image being there in person to capture these shots. Thanks for sharing. ;)


  9. Yes, it *is* a fantastic way to get a ‘snapshot’ of the Rhine and its towns. We did take such a boat tour about a decade ago (much too long ago!) and also spent some time staying in some of the lovely towns along the river’s banks. Both absolutely wonderful, full of great people, good food, incredible countryside. Ohhh, you’re making me want to go back!!


  10. Watching the castles along the river while cruising is so relaxing and romantic. We did it once and wish to go back again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.


  11. That looks so fun! I never realized how much I would like castles until I actually saw one in person – they have so much of a life to them, don’t they?


  12. We did a similar boat trip a couple of years back Meg – we stayed at Koblenz for 4 nights and did a day trip on the Rhine down to a little place called Bacharach. It was idyllic! We went past all the castles and the vines (plus the Lorelei Rock too). Definitely a place we’d like to go back to! Beautiful photos too! :)


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