Checklist for France


I’ll be traveling to France in late May so it is time for planning and research.  I have a stack of books from the library and I’m looking at travel websites.  Although I have been to Paris and northwest France, this will be my first visit to Provence and I’m really looking forward to going there.  I’ll be in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence and I know there’s a lot to see.  After that I’ll go to Paris by train.  As I prepare for this trip I’m making a travel list which includes the following:

  • Go to the bank and order euros
  • Listen to a “conversational French” CD and review language skills
  • Look forward to adding another passport stamp
  • Check the weather forecast before packing
  • Include an umbrella and a poncho
  • Pack light and save lots of room for purchases
  • Enjoy the spring flowers (it might be too early for lavender)
  • If it is too early, Plan B is to find lavender-scented souvenirs such as soap
  • Take lots of pictures at different times of the day
  • Slow down and have fun…


I can’t wait!  Since I don’t have any pictures to share from Provence (yet) here are a few from Paris.  And by the way, I’m also going to Barcelona on this trip so I’ll have to add that to my planning.  This is what I call research.



63 thoughts on “Checklist for France

  1. I almost like the planning stages best. I tend to buy too many books, look at too many routes and have far too many ideas but we always tend to find a happy medium in the end. I’m like a kid waiting for Disney to open so can imagine how excited you are right now.
    We did not make as far down as Provence last year so am looking forward to seeing what we missed on your blog ^_^

  2. That’s very exciting, Meg! I think May will be the perfect time to visit the south of France. I had a holiday there a few years ago in the summer and it was stiflingly hot so a bit earlier would have been more pleasant. I hope you’re going to find some good chocolate, France is certainly a great culinary destination.

  3. Very exciting! I can recommend lunch at Cafe Angelina in Paris under the arches of Rue de Rivoli, half way between the Louvre and Place de Concorde. Waiters were lovely and chocolate desserts legendary. There’s also a posh bakery at the front of the cafe selling macaroons.

  4. You definitely have a great list. It’s a great mix of preparation, whimsy, and practicality. I especially like “slow down and have fun”! It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of planning and travel. I can’t wait for our trip in June/July!

  5. Lovely post, Meg! You and I both know that there can never be too many lavender-scented things; however, the real lavender is the best. I hope you get to see the lavender fields in Provence wildly in bloom! :)

  6. Ahhh! France in May. What a wonderful experience. Looking forward to your photographs and blogs about the trip! ~Thea

  7. So exciting. So refreshing to shake off the winter blahs with a jaunt to a new and lovely part of France. Take lots of pics so we can vicariously take the journey with you. Enjoy yourself, as I know you will.

    • I think it’s great that you remember France from your visit as a child, and I hope you get to go back again! I’m going to take lots of notes (and pictures) while I’m there :)

  8. How exciting, I do hope you get to see the lavender fields. My cousin said that she thought she had died and gone to heaven when she went to Provence. I also love the planning stage, it is so much fun.

  9. Planning is more than half the fun! We did a near identical trip in 2008. Just might return to Paris for a week in July……fingers crossed. Happy planning :-)

  10. Oh how I wish I could travel in May! You will LOVE Provence. If you can, try to make it to the Cotes Du Rhone villages such as Sablet, Seguret and Gigondas. The scenery there is stunning. The Luberon is also gorgeous but more popular, I think. Have a great time!

  11. Late May is a beautiful time to be there. Of course, in my books ANY time is a beautiful time to be in France. You will love it all! Please have a papaline for me in Avignon, a local sweet.Two coats of chocolate enclose papaline liqueur. The outer coat is applied by hand to give the textured effect. They look weird but taste divine! Barcelona too? Lucky you!

    • I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy seeing Provence! Thank you for the suggestion – chocolate is always one of my favorite treats. Going to Barcelona is going to be amazing too!

      • When I have time I have planned to the extreme -copying things and making my own little travel booklet. Less weight than carrying big bulky travel books that you only need a few pages from. I love the planning; it builds the excitment. I have also read that people are least stressed when planning a trip! It is all the anticpication!

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