54 thoughts on “Travel theme: Benches

  1. If you’re going to stick benches and a beautiful gate somewhere, why not go all out and put them in front of a truly magnificent view. All you’d need is a little picnic (or gelato?) and you’re sorted.


  2. Meg, you and I must meet one day. The first bench that came to my mind was in a shot taken on Lake Lugano. Seriously … it’s kind of spooky. I couldn’t find it anywhere on this computer and am not at home to dig into my older files. Thanks for taking me back to a lovely moment!


  3. Beautiful photo of gate and benches in Lugano. I kept tossing around Lugano and Luzern for my Swiss destination this summer. Luzern won out. Thanks for liking my Dolomite posts. I am busy doing research for my upcoming hiking trip.


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