Looking Forward to Spring

I’ve been looking through my pictures of flowers and I can’t wait until it’s spring!  So far there have been a few warm days but it will be nice to have several days in a row of sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I’ve also noticed that the birds are more active as they cheerfully sing in the morning.  The first flowers are starting to come back, as well as the freshness of the new greenery.  I’ve also started to notice displays of brightly colored planters outside of charming shops.  Here are some pictures from a walk that I took when I visited the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee along with a nearby scenic town in North Carolina.

Spring will be especially welcome this year…


28 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Spring

  1. I certainly agree with you about how welcome spring will be after the terrible winter that so many of us experienced. We still have snow on the ground so I especially enjoyed your lovely photos.


  2. Smoky Mountains is such a great name. It’s always such a delight to see the spring flowers, isn’t it? Lovely photos, they’re whetting my appetite for more greenery in the coming weeks. The daffodils are coming out here now and it’s so cheering. :-)


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