Travel theme: Orange

When I’m at the beach at sunset the sky changes dramatically as the evening progresses.  Depending on where you look the sky could be changing color or it might still look like daytime.  One evening I decided to watch the entire sunset from a bluff overlooking this bay in Cornwall.  The color of the sky changed from blue to orange to even deeper orange.  The next evening it rained so I didn’t have another opportunity to take pictures of this scene.  Here are some different ways of seeing the color orange at sunset.

An early view from a seating area:


A little later:


And then…


More examples of this theme are here.

32 thoughts on “Travel theme: Orange

  1. What a lovely time you must have spent watching that beautiful sunset – such glorious colours! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! I’ve only been to Cornwall once in midwinter, so the sunset didn’t look like this though the scenery was beautiful in a wild, rugged way. Thanks also for visiting my blog – am glad you liked my latest post on “Travelling In Style” : It is so good to get encouragement and to hear from fellow bloggers much appreciated! Kind regards Rosemary :)


  2. I still can’t believe I’ve never been to Cornwall even though I live in England – it’s just so far a drive from London but I keep hearing how beautiful it is – lovely photos! Must make time to visit!


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